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Hotels by Day: A Convenient Way to Make the Most of Your Time

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Hotels by Day: A Convenient Way to Make the Most of Your Time

Hotels by day allow people to make the most of their time by providing short-term stays in a convenient and comfortable environment. As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, hotels by day have become increasingly popular alternatives for businesspeople, families, and travelers alike. This article will explore the concept of hotels by day, the services they offer, and how they differ from traditional overnight accommodations.

What is a Hotel By Day?

Hotels by day, also known as day hotel, hourly hotels, day stay, stay by day, daily hotels, and short-stay hotels, provide accommodation in a variety of settings for guests needing short-term or day-use accommodation. Stays are typically limited to a maximum time frame of 12 hours, though some hotels allow longer stays depending on availability. In general, day hotel stays allow for more flexibility and convenience than traditional overnight accommodations.

Hotels by day offer a cost-effective solution for those needing an hour or two to rest or have a meal, freshen up, or rest in between flights. They are becoming particularly popular with business travelers and people on the move, who often need a place to stay while in transit.


Hotels by day typically offer a range of amenities, from basic rooms with basic amenities to luxurious suites with extravagant comforts and amenities. They are generally well appointed and provide their guests with as much hospitality as a traditional hotel or resort. Many offer an array of food and beverage services, such as a restaurant, cafés, and a bar or lounge. Some even offer complimentary snacks or coffee/tea service.

In terms of on-site amenities, most feature a spa (with massage and beauty services), fitness centers, or wellness centers. Other amenities may include pools, business centers, and laundry services.

Difference between Hotels by Day and Traditional Hotels

While day hotels and traditional hotels may seem similar, there are some distinct differences between the two. For starters, hotels by day typically require payment upfront and are non-refundable. That means that those who book a hotel by day cannot just check out without penalty. Additionally, these hotels typically offer shorter stays, often limited to 12 hours or less, as compared to the 24-hour minimum of a typical traditional hotel stay.

Moreover, hotels by day often don’t offer the same amenities that guests would find at a traditional hotel, such as room service or room cleaning. They also may not provide housekeeping service, so guests will likely need to bring their own extra amenities such as toiletries and cleaning supplies.

Finally, it’s important to remember that day hotels are typically not intended for leisure travelers, so businesses should ensure that they have appropriate arrangements for overflow staff or sales reps that may be required during peak operation hours.


Hotels by day are an increasingly popular solution, offering the convenience and flexibility for short-term stays. They have distinct differences from traditional hotel stays, but they can still provide the same comforts that business travelers, families, and travelers desire from their accommodations. With this in mind, it’s important to ensure that the hotel by day that you’re considering is the right fit for your needs.

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