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6 Expert-Approved Sex Tips to Put the OOMPH Back into Your Relationship

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6 Expert-Approved Sex Tips to Put the OOMPH Back into Your Relationship

Do you and your partner wish to reignite the passion between the two of you? Is the spark starting to fade away after all these years? Well, if that is the case, there are ways to rekindle the romance and drive the desire back into your relationship. Here are some expert-approved sex advice that can help put the oomph back in the bedroom.

1. Express Your Desire

Telling your partner what turns you on is a great way of getting the ignite the flame between you two. Talk to each other about your fantasies and feelings; show your vulnerability. That way, you can learn more about each other and find new ways to make the other person feel pleasured and loved.

2. Be Present

The power of being in the moment can’t be stressed enough. Pay close attention to your partner and show that you’re interested. Take your time to kiss, touch, caress, and explore your lover, and try to stay connected throughout the session. When your partner is aroused, give them praise, as this will enhance their pleasure. This will guarantee a more fulfilling sexual experience.

3. Communicate

When it comes to sex, communication is key. Make sure you and your partner are always on the same page when it comes to sex. Talk to each other about your expectations and desires to ensure your boundaries are respected. Great sex requires an emotional connection, so take the time to know each other’s needs in order to ensure both of your needs are being met.

4. Spice it Up

It’s normal for couples to become accustomed to their routines over time. So in order to keep the flame alive, it’s good to inject some fun and spice into the bedroom. Buy new sex toys, watch adult movies, enhance foreplay, or try a different position. You can even dress up to spice things up even more.

5. Let Go of Inhibitions

In order to really enjoy the physical intimacy between you and your partner, you need to let go of any inhibitions or feelings of shame and embarrassment. Let your guard down and find the courage to talk more openly about what turns you both on. The more comfortable you are with your sexuality, the better your relationship and sex life will be.

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6. Explore Non-Genital Touching

Some couples overlook the importance of non-genital touching. The truth is, many women find it difficult or even impossible to orgasm from intercourse alone. Thus it is important for partners to focus on non-genital touching, such as caresses, massages, and playful wrestling. This kind of contact will help you two feel emotionally and physically connected in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Follow these expert-approved tips to put the oomph back into your relationship. Express your desires, be present in bed, communicate openly, spice things up, let go of inhibitions, and explore non-genital touching. This combination will set the foundation for a more satisfying and rewarding intimate relationship.

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